"Aliens Above!" is a physics-based arcade-style action game that puts you in control of a UFO's tractor beam.

     Using direct touch screen input, you must use the world itself as a tool: tractoring, juggling, and obliterating objects to make it safely through each act. Responding to a distress call, your UFO must cross the skies in order to locate and rescue stranded aliens. It will not be easy though, with military and government agents trying to blow you out of the sky! With randomized stage arrangements and new traps at every step of the way, each playthrough is sure to surprise!
  • Challenging, arcade-style action
  • Your fingers are the tractor beam: tap, slide, and swipe to directly manipulate objects
  • Use the environment to defend your UFO from destruction
  • Destructible environments: cause objects to fracture, shatter, and crumble
  • Randomized stage arrangements ensure new surprises in every playthrough!

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