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November 18, 2014

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Free and open-source under the GNU GPL 3.0 license!


SMEd is a free, open-source map editor platform, designed for easy creation of free-form, multi-layered maps. The editor toolkit is generic, allowing users to define the custom building blocks they need for their particular game. Any construct (project, map, layer, camera, entity, model) can be assigned user defined properties. Further, all of SMEd's features are optional; game developers can choose the features they require when loading maps created with SMEd. Built on the Netbeans Platform, SMEd is heavily customizable: SMEd's UI can be optimized for a user's preferred workflow. Additionally, SMEd and its source are released under the GNU GPL 3.0 license, enabling developers to extend the toolkit to suit their needs.


SMEd was originally created by Simian Mind in 2012 for in-house use to facilitate the development of the game, "Aliens Above!". Following the game’s release in 2013, the map and model creation tools were ported to the Netbeans platform. After an additional year of rework and improvements, the SMEd free-form map editor platform was released at the end of 2014 to the community as free and open-source. Simian Mind continues to provide support and updates for SMEd. Currently, the team is further developing the editor platform as they use it to create their next game, set to release in 2015.


  • Multi-layer 2D Map Editor with support for free-form drag-and-drop placement of entities and images across multiple layers.
  • Integrated Box2D physics allows entities to interact based on user-defined entity models and joints.
  • Entity Editor for defining game entities using images, models, and other customizable properties.
  • 2D Model Editor makes it easy to create models for use in rendering and physics body definition.
  • Image, Entity, and Model Palettes provide a graphical view of a project's available resources. Simply drag-and-drop from the palette to the editor!
  • SMEd saves your project files in XML for easy parsing by your game engine.


SMEd Tutorial 7 - Using Physics YouTube


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