2D Map Editor Platform

SMEd is a free, open-source map editor platform!

Out of the box, SMEd features:
Multi-layer 2D Map Editor with support for free-form drag-and-drop placement of entities and images across multiple layers. Integrated Box2D physics allows entities to interact based on user-defined entity models and joints.
Entity Editor for defining game entities using images, models, and other customizable properties. 2D Model Editor makes it easy to create models for use in rendering and physics body definition.
Image, Entity, and Model Palettes provide a graphical view of a project's available resources.
Simply drag-and-drop from the palette to the editor!
SMEd saves your project files in XML for easy parsing by your game engine.


SMEd is licensed under the GNU GPL 3.0.
The SMEd Installer is dual licensed under either the CDDL or GNU GPL 2.0 with Classpath Exception.

System Requirements

SMEd is available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
SMEd requires an OpenGL 2.0 capable graphics card.
Java is required to run SMEd.


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